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Strengthening Your Internal Communications for 2018

Posted by Damon Ankers on 29-Jan-2018 13:44:00

2018 is well underway, New Years resolutions have been made, broken and the workplace is back up to full speed. This year we hope to see innovation and progression among businesses, but progression can only be made possible through internal communications, the pillars upon which every company is built on. Here's a few pointers to ensure you have strong internal communications moving forward into the new year.

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Are Intranets Becoming Communication Relics?

Posted by Damon Ankers on 19-Dec-2017 14:26:00

Intranets are supposed to be seen as the digital web connecting all employees, the centrepiece of a creative framework catering to the requirements of a widespread workforce…

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Breaking Down the Walls of Poor Communication

Posted by Damon Ankers on 17-Oct-2017 13:50:00

Communication is key. Without it, we'd all be hermits. Barely a minute goes by where we're not responding to a phone call, email or Facebook message. It's easy to forget just how much we actually need communication. Especially in the workplace. 

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How Splintered Communication Can Prove Fatal

Posted by Peter Coley on 12-Sep-2017 10:00:00

Employers need to communicate with all of their employees. That’s Communication 101. But as times are changing, there is also a growing demand; a demand for a widespread communication structure that reaches everyone working within a company.

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Posted by Damon Ankers on 10-Sep-2017 10:00:00

World Suicide Prevention Day is upon us. All around the world, people are taking the initiative to raise awareness of it, reach out to affected individuals and in the process, save lives.

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Is it time to replace the intranet with something more mobile?

Posted by Peter Colley on 10-Jun-2017 10:30:00

 The intranet was often seen as a great way to boost productivity. The traditional solution of communication in the workplace, bringing a company together with its cost-effective interconnectivity. At least that’s what everyone thought when the Intranet first came to prominence in the 1990s.

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Ensuring Every Employee Gets Undiluted Messages From the Top

Posted by Peter Coley on 05-Apr-2017 14:52:41

 The Workvine Employee App has been acclaimed by companies such as Neovia and Peaks and Plains for giving employers a mobile company vision, mission and project information at the touch of a button. It’s reputation as an effective and wide-reaching tool has been growing with the general rise of employee apps and their usages by international, national and local companies, as well as SMEs.

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Happy Employee Appreciation Day

Posted by Reagan Nyandoro on 03-Mar-2017 15:07:17

March the 3rd (today) is Employee Appreciation Day. This annual event gives employers from around the globe the chance to show appreciation to their employees. But how do you go about showing it? While employees aren't each expecting an individual monument, there are various things an employer can do to engage their employees on this day.

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How Peaks & Plains stay connected with their widespread workforce

Posted by Damon Ankers on 15-Dec-2016 11:11:10


Peaks and Plains are an innovative housing association based in Macclesfield. Prior to purchasing the Staffbase Employee App from Workvine, Peaks and Plains communicated with their staff mainly through email and the company’s private Intranet. They employ over 200 staff in a wide range of roles including such as repair teams, care and support staff.

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Engage your employees through the new groups in your communications app.

Posted by Reagan Nyandoro on 14-Nov-2016 09:46:31

Release Notes October 2016

Managing groups and content targeting in internal communications has historically been something that is maintained in a top-down fashion. As times are changing, so is your employee app: You can now allow your workforce to decide which content to see on their own device. Read more about how to drive employee engagement with open groups.

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Expand Your Internal Communications App to External Audiences

Posted by Reagan Nyandoro on 22-Sep-2016 11:33:17

The latest update of Staffbase introduces great improvements, focusing on the public area of your employee app. With various content types and plugins your app becomes a great spot for external users, too.

A public area with not only News, Static & Embedded Pages and Links, but also survey tools, a Calendar, Maps and Facebook Pages expands your employee app to a tool for external communications strategies with exciting possibilities. Of course the theme of your own branded employee app is now automatically used in public area as well. Furthermore a menu sidebar appears if there is more than one content shown in the public area.



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Communicate efficiently.  There’s an employee app for that

Posted by Peter Colley on 05-Aug-2016 11:02:30

Communication is key to a successful and productive business. The Workvine Employee App is the tool you’ve been waiting for to ensure an ongoing, consistent and dynamic flow of information.

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Building a Winning Team of Employees

Posted by Peter Colley on 26-Jul-2016 12:45:07

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success - Henry Ford

Most employees have to work together. That’s simply the way of work. But the real goal is ensuring that all employers work well together. As Big Sam (Sam Allardyce) takes on football’s impossible (England) job, you can’t help but compare business with football. Building a successful team of employees is like building a successful football team; ultimately, ‘the whole must be greater than the sum of its parts’.

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Brexit: Miscommunication – Nail in the Coffin

Posted by Peter Colley on 14-Jul-2016 12:12:40

British politics has witnessed another dramatic change with Theresa May officially taking the role of Prime Minister. David Cameron has handed over the keys to 10 Downing Street to May, while Angela Eagle’s bid for Leadership of the Labour Party will lead to some intriguing developments.

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