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Expand Your Internal Communications App to External Audiences

Posted by Reagan Nyandoro on 22-Sep-2016 11:33:17

The latest update of Staffbase introduces great improvements, focusing on the public area of your employee app. With various content types and plugins your app becomes a great spot for external users, too.

A public area with not only News, Static & Embedded Pages and Links, but also survey tools, a Calendar, Maps and Facebook Pages expands your employee app to a tool for external communications strategies with exciting possibilities. Of course the theme of your own branded employee app is now automatically used in public area as well. Furthermore a menu sidebar appears if there is staffbase.pngmore than one content shown in the public area.




Mobile Event Registration for Employees

Many of our customers are using the Event Registration Plugin to engage their employees. With the latest release you can add categories for an even better usability and more structured events at your company.

Manage Own legal Documents For Your Employee App

Customers with their own branded app will appreciate some changes regarding legal documents. With the September release legal docs can be easily managed in your backoffice. You also have the choice to show a confirmation dialog for this during a new user's signup.

Additional improvements:

  • App: Compatibility with iOS 10
  • App: Improved support for iPad Pro
  • App: Corrected headline styling in articles
  • App: Under rare circumstances, some feed images were shown blurry
  • Forms: Added an option to have anonymous submissions
  • Forms: Fixed a bug that incorrectly transformed some user input
  • Backoffice: Fixed cut off AM/PM switch in input field for article scheduling in Google Chrome
  • Backoffice: Fixed some glitches when working with headlines in the editor
  • Backoffice: Corrected an issue that kept the old article image after uploading a new one
  • Backoffice: Fixed a few smaller issues for admin user search
  • Backoffice: Reworked the admin view to manage API access tokens
  • Emails: Replies to emails from customers with an own app will automatically go to their support email address

All of this is now available on your Internal Communications web app and the Google Play Store. As soon as Apple has finished its review, your iOS app will receive the update as well.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.

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