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Shape the Experience, Shape the Brand

Posted by Karen Abbott on 03-Oct-2017 09:01:00

All companies have a branding kit. Tools of the trade that propel the company’s brand image into the workplace stratosphere and the public eye. This can be a product they are selling or a practice they are encouraging, but there is one thing in that toolkit that will resonate on a universal scale, regardless of the audience.

The employee experience.

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Improve 'quality of hire' with these 6 employer brand keys

Posted by Reagan Nyandoro on 08-Feb-2017 16:56:24

Although the phrase ‘War for Talent’ has done the rounds, it’s still as relevant today as when it was coined, if not more so. This ‘war’ is not only very real, it’s now being fought on 3 fronts: Employer brand, Competition and Compensation (LinkedIn, 2015). 

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