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Client Corporate Video Campaign

Posted by Reagan Nyandoro on 05-Oct-2016 10:34:56

Supercars, Drone Cameras And An Iconic Filmset 

When one of our clients first approached us, they wanted a cinematic commercial that would achieve  2 things: 1. showcase their commitment to excellence and 2. support their flotation on the AIMS market. Workvine's Creative Director Nic Auerbach and Cinematographer Franz Pagot flew to Turin for 3 days to scout possible locations. Iconic sets such as Via Roma, Galleria San Federico (The Italian Job, 1970s), Chiesa della Consolata and Gavon were secured for a 3 day shoot that included drone cameras flying at high speeds. The historic city of Turin was the original capital of Italy and is home to the House of Savoy (the Italian Royal Family). It is also known as the home of the automotive industry in Italy.

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A Glimpse of our Video 'Awesomeness'

Posted by Karen Abbott on 16-Feb-2016 13:51:29

We love getting together to create amazing workplace videos, whether it's interactive training, health and safety or promotional videos to set you apart from the rest. 

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