Engage your employees through the new groups in your communications app.

Posted by Reagan Nyandoro on 14-Nov-2016 09:46:31

Release Notes October 2016

Managing groups and content targeting in internal communications has historically been something that is maintained in a top-down fashion. As times are changing, so is your employee app: You can now allow your workforce to decide which content to see on their own device. Read more about how to drive employee engagement with open groups.

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Employee App - Latest Updates (June)

Posted by Karen Abbott on 12-Jul-2016 10:53:55

With the latest version of the employee app, companies have another possibility to tailor their standard employee app to their individual needs. The user profile currently consists of a fixed amount of most-used fields: First name, last name, profile picture, position, department, etc. From now on administrators can additionally add custom profile fields. Define a title for the field, a type (text, email address, phone number, LinkedIn profile and many more) and whether the user should be able to edit it himself.

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