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New Plugin for Facebook Pages, Editing Profile Pictures, Six Additional Localisations and More

Posted by Karen Abbott on 11-Aug-2016 12:05:46

Staffbase release notes July 2016

Take a look at the latest app release from Staffbase. This month's updates include a new plugin for Facebook Pages, improved profile picture editing, six new language options and more...


workvinefbook2.jpgThe introduction of Facebook Pages

Staffbase is rolling out a new plugin for Facebook Pages. You can easily embed them into your employee app now. The new plugin shows recent posts from your page's wall in a chronological feed. It also allows you to display the header image from Facebook. In addition, just like on Facebook, you can manage multiple pages within your employee app.


crop.snip2.jpgImproved Profile Picture Editing

“A picture is worth a thousand words” - So let’s provide your employees with more ways to manage their profile picture. They can now view their own picture in full size, edit/crop it or remove it altogether. In order to crop it they can choose a specific area of the image by zooming and moving it with their fingers. This is especially helpful when uploading a picture of multiple people.

 6 New Languages

We understand that it is important for companies to communicate with their employees in their native language. This is why we added six new localisations for the interface of your employee app: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Turkish and Norwegian. Your employees will automatically get the change, as this is based on their device language. Please keep in mind that this is only for your app’s interface, e.g. settings, menus, static texts, etc. Information provided by your company, like news posts and pages, are not part of this and need to be translated individually.

Additional changes:

  • App: Optional select boxes in forms have no default selection anymore
  • App: Fixed cases in which form submissions were sent twice in Internet Explorer and Edge browser
  • App: Fixed a possible crash when uploading large images on older Android devices
  • Backoffice: Various improvements and bug fixes when working with the text editor for posts and pages
  • Backoffice: It is now possible to set a specific access code for invited users
  • Backoffice: When importing users via CSV, the current progress is shown on top
  • Backoffice: User CSV export now includes groups
  • Backoffice: Admins can choose to select only users of specific groups for CSV export
  • Backoffice: New option to restrict forms so the user can submit them only once
  • Emails: Fixed broken encoding for special characters in email subjects
  • Emails: Improved layout of notification emails for short update post

All of this is now available on your web app and the Google Play Store. As soon as Apple has finished its review, your iOS app will receive the update as well.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.

Article Source: Staffbase.com


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