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Ensuring Every Employee Gets Undiluted Messages From the Top

Posted by Peter Coley on 05-Apr-2017 14:52:41

dilut.jpg The Workvine Employee App has been acclaimed by companies such as Neovia and Peaks and Plains for giving employers a mobile company vision, mission and project information at the touch of a button. It’s reputation as an effective and wide-reaching tool has been growing with the general rise of employee apps and their usages by international, national and local companies, as well as SMEs.

Workvine CEO Adrian Hobbs sits down to discuss where the inspiration for innovation first originated. It was during a meeting with Neovia management discussing strategies to get messages to and from the employees. Many of the possible strategies were not suited to a professional environment. “You can’t do multiple CDs and walk around the workplace distributing the CDs”, said Adrian. “And YouTube is not a professional place to put your statement because it should be kept within the confines of the workplace.” Neovia needed a way of getting their messages and training out to the wider company. And that was when the App was introduced, as a solution with no alternatives.

Workvine did some online research and discovered a way to deliver message and video on a wide scale within the confines of the company. Thus, the Workvine Employee App was born in the UK, and as a result of a new partnership with its German partner and App developer, Staffbase. “The ability to get company news, messages, video content and training materials into the hands of an entire workforce’s hands via mobile is unprecedented”, said Adrian. “Now workers can watch and learn at their own pace, with messages directly from management distributed on a national scale.”

The Workvine App has played a pivotal role in encouraging Workvine’s overall message of employee engagement, allowing for a stronger dynamic between employer and employee and a more productive outcome for companies as a result. And this is far from the finished product, with new strategies being developed every day.


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