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TEAM (Technology + Employees = Advanced Methodologies)

Posted by Peter Colley on 09-Jan-2018 09:27:00

Part 1: Automation: Blazing Trails or Destroying Jobs?

In some areas, automation is seen as a godsend by people. Rather than have to wait for cashier to work through a queue of people in a supermarket, shoppers can head to a row of self-help machines, where waiting time is dramatically shortened. Mass production has never been so prominent thanks to machines working off an assembly line, manufacturing large quantities of products. In some restaurants, rather than wait for a courteous waiter to be available to take your order, you can simply type it in at the bar to be automatically sent into the digital air. You could say that automation is taking us forward at a breath-neck pace. 

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Engagement vs Experience: A Contrast of Employee Practices

Posted by Peter Colley on 13-Jul-2017 13:00:51

During their time with a company, employees will go through two significant practices; engagement and experience. Now, in some cases, given the whole point of a job is getting the best out of an employee, these two practices may go hand in hand.

Others… not so much.

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Extending the Employee Loyalty Deadline

Posted by Peter Colley on 04-Jul-2017 14:46:50

Loyalty is one of a business’ key weapons.

Granted, you can’t necessarily wield it like a sword, but a company is always going to be at its strongest when it has loyal employees backing it.

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Making the Workplace Work for Millennials

Posted by Peter Colley on 29-Jun-2017 12:05:39

Millennials are taking over the UK workforce.

Not necessarily in a conquering fashion, but they're definitely growing in numbers. Manpower Group predicts that by 2020, Millennials will make up 35% of the UK workplace. Deloitte has predicted that by 2025, Millennials will make up 75%.

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The Engage, Train and Retain Chain

Posted by Peter Colley on 21-Jun-2017 11:59:30


When it comes to getting hold of your employees, bringing them up to speed and keeping them from jumping ship, they sometimes feel like completely separate concepts.

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Use of Recruitment Agencies to take a Plunge

Posted by Peter Colley on 14-Jun-2017 16:18:02


Recruitment agencies have been a vital pillar of the business world. But recent research suggests that HR professionals are losing faith.

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Is it time to replace the intranet with something more mobile?

Posted by Peter Colley on 10-Jun-2017 10:30:00

 The intranet was often seen as a great way to boost productivity. The traditional solution of communication in the workplace, bringing a company together with its cost-effective interconnectivity. At least that’s what everyone thought when the Intranet first came to prominence in the 1990s.

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Is 2017 Finally the Year to Say Goodbye to Annual Engagement Surveys?

Posted by Peter Colley on 05-Jun-2017 16:58:35


 For some employers, annual engagement surveys exist as the company’s bread and butter, the key to determine how satisfied your employees are, what draws them in like a magnet, and what makes them feel like they want to fly the coop.

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Bye bye outdated newsletter...Hello employee app!

Posted by Peter Colley on 30-May-2017 13:35:10

  In a digital world say goodbye to outdated annual newsletters 

Are you still using a company newsletter to distribute your companies news? Stop what you're doing, there's an app for that.

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How Retention Affects Your Bottom Line

Posted by Peter Colley on 24-May-2017 09:53:41

Employee retention is a pivotal key to your business’ success. Now, you may be asking, “Why do we need to focus so much effort on employee retention?” When you’ve got to dedicate a lot of your time to keeping the company afloat, why do you need to devote time to making sure people are enjoying their work?

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4 Employee Engagement Challenges and How to Tackle Them

Posted by Peter Colley on 22-May-2017 14:09:57

Employee engagement is key factor in what makes a successful workplace. Without it, employers can struggle to adapt to the changing times, or retain the vital members of staff that give a business its value. Employee engagement does however come with its challenges. Not to worry though, here are the 4 top challenges and how to over come them:

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Encouraging Positive Mental Health in the Workplace

Posted by Peter Colley on 11-May-2017 15:40:13

Mental Health is high on the agenda this week. In support of 'Mental Health Week' we are taking a closer look at mental health in the workplace. It may be a taboo subject, but there are small, simple steps you can take to support your employees.

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Engaging Middle Managers to Drive Business Growth

Posted by Peter Colley on 09-May-2017 16:45:20

Are your middle managers engaged? Chances are if they're not, neither are the rest of your workforce... 

Middle management can play a pivotal role in the communication process, they are responsible for passing messages from the boss to employees and vice versa. However, there is often an extensive chain of people a message goes through before reaching the intended ears. There's an element of risk that the message may become diluted or its purpose misinterpreted along the way.

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Workplace Horrors.  Be afraid, be very afraid...

Posted by Peter Colley on 31-Oct-2016 10:35:20

Halloween is upon us. It's that time of the year when complete strangers dressed in monster costumes come to your house just after dark and ask for, of all things, sweets. Retail outlets, not wanting to be outdone, are stocked with plastic brooms, rubber spiders and soon-to-be-carved pumpkins. All in good taste perhaps, but for some people, the workplace sadly could be considered a house of horrors.

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Breaking Down the Communication Barrier Between Employers and Employees

Posted by Peter Colley on 25-Oct-2016 13:46:09

Over the last month, Sports Direct has been taking steps to improve working circumstances for its employees. Much of these changes included first aiders on site, changing their stance onzero-hourcontacts and a suspension of the ‘six strikes and you’re out’ policy. These changes should be seen as a progressive step forward for the company and reinforce a positive image of working practices.  But why did it take a media circus and government investigation to bring about these changes?  

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