Extending the Employee Loyalty Deadline

Posted by Peter Colley on 04-Jul-2017 14:46:50

employee loyalty

Loyalty is one of a business’ key weapons.

Granted, you can’t necessarily wield it like a sword, but a company is always going to be at its strongest when it has loyal employees backing it.

Unfortunately, the loyalty of employees is under threat. 2015 research provided by ADP revealed that 47% of UK employees were planning to leave their jobs within the next three years, compared to 34% of European employees. So, even if companies hire a supposedly loyal and committed employee, that loyalty will likely come with a deadline. A deadline that could arrive much sooner than you think.

employee loyalty

So, how can you retain employees? How can you ensure they don’t jump ship and leave you to go through an exhausting and expensive search for replacements?

· Ensure That Their Voice is Heard 

Employees are not mindless drones.  They want to share their views and make a difference. Let them have their say, whether it be on the direction the company is taking, ideas they want to bring to the table, or even just choosing the venue for the next company do. 

· Make Them Feel Relevant 

The Oracle Simply Talent Study recently focused on how to make employees feel more engaged. It found that the majority of respondents (53%) felt that being recognised for their achievements is their highest priority. When you’ve got a building filled with employees, a lone worker may not want to settle for being a small cog in a large machine. They want to know that the work they are doing is relevant to the company and helping to move it forward.

employee loyalty

· Give Them Opportunities For Development 

Even longevity in a role is not enough to guarantee employee loyalty. A survey published by the Association of Accounting Technologies revealed that 46% of UK workers would quit a job they’d had for years for better job satisfaction. A job should offer new challenges and opportunities, the chance to grow, to learn new skills and find new ways to support the business.

· Be Loyal To Your Employees 

The crown jewel of loyalty tips. Loyalty should never be one-sided. Loyalty is at its most strongest – and in the case of work, most productive – when it works both ways. Employees need to know that you have their backs, that you’ll support them moving forward, that you’ll go the metaphorical mile for them. And with an employer like that, why would they want to leave?

If you want your employees to stick around for a very long time, you need to treat them like they will be. With the right guidance, employees will feel like they’re a part of something important, something they want to stick around for. And as a result, that loyalty deadline will feel a VERY long way away…


With over 25 years of experience in the recruitment sector and a life-time in the workplace, Workvine have seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of how businesses communicate internally. We've seen what alienates individuals, what corrodes trust, and what disenfranchises entire departments. So we know what good communication looks like. It's what drives loyalty and what leads to greater productivity. 

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