4 Employee Engagement Challenges and How to Tackle Them

Posted by Peter Colley on 22-May-2017 14:09:57


Employee engagement is key factor in what makes a successful workplace. Without it, employers can struggle to adapt to the changing times, or retain the vital members of staff that give a business its value. Employee engagement does however come with its challenges. Not to worry though, here are the 4 top challenges and how to over come them:

"An engaged employee is an emotionally invested one."

We all know that employee engagement is good for business, right. But, what are the biggest challenges your business face, and where do you start? 

  • Communication

    Poor communication in the workplace can cost your company time and money. Employees are always going to need to communicate various issues to their managers, but chances are, those issues may not even meet the manager’s ears. It’s not that they’re falling on deaf ears, it’s that there’s no controlled way of exchanging the input and output. Also, if one party finally does get the message across, there is always the risk that the message will be diluted or misinterpreted. Employers need to ensure their messages are clear, consistent and are being received. With a rise in remote workers, location can be a challenge. Communication channels need to be accessible by everyone, and on any device. We can no longer rely on email to get the message across. Employee apps are revolutionising the workplace connecting all employees to the organisation. We have identified 10 reasons why you should follow this trend. Learn more.

  • Trust

    Trust is a two way street, every working relationship should be built on trust and if itisn't this can cause employees to bedisengaged. 'Great Place To Work' found that 87% of employees who work at organisations where trust is key, are less likely to leave. A report published by the CIPD also revealed the importance of trust in an organisation. The same survey also revealed that trust between employees and senior managers was morelikely to be weak (34%) than strong (29%). Gain trust by counting on all employees as partners. Trust is gained when even the newest starters, part-timers or juniors feelimportant and part of the team. Find out more ways to encourage trust in the workplace here.

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  • No room for growth

Most people will admit that whatever they're already doing they want more. This being said everyone grows up, so why are we not encouraging employees to grow within our business? Did you know that 76% of employees want opportunities for career growth? and when they don't have the resources or opportunity at your business don't be surprised when  they go and search for it elsewhere. Managers need to focus more directly on the aspirations of each employee. What do they enjoy about their job? What kind of skills would they like develop? What makes them fulfilled? By taking on board these critiques, you can ensure that employees see your workplace as the ideal place for their personal development

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  • Feedback 

Employee feedback plays a crucial role in employee engagement. How can you expect your   employees to be engaged if you don't know what their wants and needs are? Likewise, how can employees know if they're doing a good or bad job and how can they improve? Feedback, whether it's good or bad is a critical thing for both employee and employer. Did you know that 4 out of 10 employees are actively disengaged when they get little to no feedback? and, when employees feel they are ignored by their managers they are 2x likely to be disengaged?  To encourage feedback within your workplace, you must provide employees with a platform to do so. It is essential that employees can give honest feedback without fear of repercussion. Make sure you act on feedback by taking positive actions and learning from what has been said. A study shows that highly engaged employees share and receive feedback at least once a week. So go on...get sharing!

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  • Communicate to all staff regularly - dont forget the employees who don't have company email.
  • Build trust 
  • Demonstrate scope for employees to grow
  • Ask for feedback, and follow up

Now you know the top 3 challenges of employee engagement and how to overcome them you can ensure your team have the tools they need to be actively engaged at work.  

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