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Employee Engagement: Rule #10 - Trust Them

Posted by Damon Ankers on 09-Nov-2016 13:03:41



Trust is the highest form of motivation. It brings out the very best in people.” – Stephen R. Covey 

How important is trust in an organisation? Indications are that trust may very well be the glue that holds organisations together. 'Great Place To Work' found that 87% of employees who work at organisations where trust is key, are less likely to leave. A report published by the CIPD also revealed the importance of trust in an organisation. The same survey also revealed that trust between employees and senior managers was more likely to be weak (34%) than strong (29%). So, how can organisations build trust in their organisation? 

 Tips on Trusting Your Employees:

  • Count on all employees as partners. Trust is gained when even the newest starters, part-timers or juniors feel important and part of the team
  • If your employees are required to take on a public role, establish guidelines and then trust them to be a voice for your company
  •  Yes, trust has to be gained, but are there an opportunities to gain trust? Give your employees opportunities to gain your trust, such as added responsibility
  • Trust your more experienced staff with the role of supporting more recent employees
  • Even offering a candidate employment is a notable sign of trust and a promising starting point to a positive working relationship

 A survey released by 'Great Place To Work' in May 2012 identified trust as the crucial precursor to positive employee engagement, noting that organisations that understood these values experienced 18% greater productivity. 

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