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National Apprentice Week 2018

Posted by Peter Colley on 09-Mar-2018 12:58:44


National Apprentice Week is kicking into gear from 5th to the 9th March. Employers and apprentices around the UK will be working together to showcase the successes this pathway has to offer. The theme for 2018's week is subsequently titled 'Apprenticeships Work', showcasing the positive effect on employers, communities, the economy, and of course, the apprentices themselves.

But as we move forward, the apprentice route is increasingly necessitated, due in no small part to the skills gap and the need to cater to a new generation. Thus, we shall be honouring the following week of why an apprenticeship is such a treasured journey.

· A Growing Gap – As mentioned earlier, the UK skills gap is hitting us on all fronts, with specialist roles becoming increasing harder to fill. According to Manpower Group's annual Talent Shortage Survey, the 2016/17 edition stated that the hardest skills to find are those routed in Skilled Trades – which encapsulates electricians, carpenters, and bricklayers among others – roles that. The lack of adequate skills has had a knock-on effect on both employers and candidates, with the former struggling to fill vacancies and the latter having the first few years of their working life defined by false starts and wrong approaches.

· Generations to Come – There are two new generations of people steadily breaking into the workforce; the Millennials and Generation Z. The high end of the Millennials will have inhabited the workplace for a few years now (if enduring a few false starts) and Generation Z are throwing of the shackles of education to seek out their next career...s. A study in 2016 by recruitment app Coople revealed that one in five working Millennials hold down two or more jobs. Now, despite being smeared with this ridiculous stereotype of being job hoppers, the research showed that 34% of Millennials valued career progression – more than any other generation. By providing a candidate with an apprenticeship, you are have the chance to instill in them a passion for your industry, inspiring decades worth of sector loyalty.

· Benefiting the Boss – In addition to the obvious benefits to candidates, apprenticeships can be a major asset to your company. In other words, money on the table. The National Apprenticeship Service reported that the average apprenticeship finisher increases business productivity by £214 per week. This in turn, comes with increased productivity among the staff, reduced staff turnover and resulting recruitments costs, and of course, a more hands-on training platform adding value to your business. ACCA Global reported that 92% of employers who employ apprentices say that apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce. Your company could be one of those that reeks the benefits.

Apprenticeships are a tried and tested pathway that have proven to yield lucrative results for the employers and helping prospective candidates find their footing on the career ladder, an arrangement that needs encouraging to all businesses and education leavers.

And if you can't do that during Apprenticeship Week, when can you do it?

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