Use of Recruitment Agencies to take a Plunge

Posted by Peter Colley on 14-Jun-2017 16:18:02

 Recruitment Agency Usage Set to Take a Plunge

Recruitment agencies have been a vital pillar of the business world. But recent research suggests that HR professionals are losing faith.

The CIPD have released a report based on the views of over 1000 respondents working in HR. The poll revealed that 56% were planning to cut down on their use of recruitment agencies throughout 2017, a 9% increase from the previous year.

Could this be due to the rise of job boards? Or the ability for companies to successfully recruit socially? We’ll let you decide.

The report also implied that for businesses, recruitment could be a major uphill battle over the next few years, in part due to the fallout from Brexit shaking up the labour market. This in turn could lead to a tug of war over the next few years for top talent.

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But if recruitment isn’t on HR’s hotlist, then what’s the next big priority?

Retention, if the CIPD’s findings are anything to go by.

In 2016, 48% of respondents said they were going to be focusing on their current employees, working towards better retention. A year later, that number has dramatically risen to 75%. To hammer the point home even further, 6 in 10 respondents have openly stated their desire to prioritize retention over recruitment, a statistic that had risen by 37% since the last survey.

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