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Halloween 2018: Scary Employee Engagement Statistics

Posted by Peter Colley on 31-Oct-2018 17:25:00


We all have primal fears that can shake us to our core. That fear of the unknown that follows us everywhere like a cold shiver running down our spines.... 

Employee disengagement may not be top of your spook list, however, left untreated disengagement can quickly spread through the ranks and evolve into a living nightmare for employees, HR and senior leadership. 

In today's Halloween special we've uncovered 8 haunting statistics plaguing UK workforce's. 

Employee engagement is supposed to be on the rise and heavily practiced among UK businesses, but these stats would have you think that the foundations of engagement are as stable as a haunted house.

- Satisfaction is dangerously low - A Totem study of 1000 workers found that only 10% of UK employees felt completely satisfied with their work.

- Resignation numbers rocketing - Employee resignation rates are at their highest in half a decade. In 2012, 10.6% of employees resigned from their jobs. By 2016, that number had risen to 15.5%.

- Turnover tearing away at finances - These alarming levels of job dissatisfaction are causing companies to lose £16,000 per employee in staff turnover

- Gearing up to leave the sinking ship - 77% of employees are happy to jump ship if a better job offer comes along.

- Too many employees kept in the dark - 60% of employees didn’t know their company’s goals, strategies and tactics.

- Bad mood is killing productivity - Economists found that unhappy workers are 10% less productive compared to happy workers who are 12% more productive.

- Well-being strategies taking a plunge - BMG Research reported that only 27% of employees had said that their employer had a well-being strategy, a number that dropped to 13% of employers of up to 250 staff.

- Engaged employees are dwindling - Gallup reported that 87% of employees are NOT engaged, costing the UK £340 billion a year lost in productivity.

These should provide some food for thought for management; how can we stop employees from rushing for the door as if their lives depended on it? How can we stop companies from bleeding pounds? And how can we breathe life back into employee engagement?

All big problems... but not without solutions...

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