Engaging Employees Through Company Values

Posted by Karen Abbott on 29-Sep-2016 14:14:15

When an organisation takes on a new employee, they are effectively taking on a new spokesperson for that organisation. Whether they are a shop assistant in their local Asda or a primary school teacher, these new recruits (and indeed existing employees) effectively become highly influential distributors of information about their organisation. 


This is why it's crucial that employees understand and buy into their company values, services and culture. If an employee was offering their company’s services, then the question, “What can you tell me about your business?” can either become a catalyst for information… or a cue to ‘umm’ and ‘ahh’ over an unknown answer.
The Elevator Pitch is a good method of practice. If you’re sharing an elevator with a stranger, you’ll have 30 seconds to describe what your company does. If you can sell your company concisely, not only will you give a positive impression, but you’ll leave them wanting to find out more. 
Of course, being in touch with an organisation’s values is not just about being able to promote it; it’s about employers helping employees attain that level of self-awareness. This could be about demographics the company is targeting, meeting customer requirements or ascertaining the company’s standing within the community. Whatever is done to emphasize an organisation's values, employees can go about their day-to-day life knowing the full extent of the service they’re supposed to carry out.  
Research has shown the positive benefits of instilling company awareness in employees. In June 2015, Red Letter Days for Business reported that 98% of engaged employees feel that the mission/purpose of their organisation makes their job important. If an employee feels motivated by what his/her company is trying to achieve, then that will have a positive impact on their work. 
Whatever values or mission statement a company showcases, the success of that showcase ultimately comes down to informedand engaged employees carrying out those values both to the public and within the organisation.
Employee apps are fast becoming a useful means of communicating key organisational information, latest news and spreading the company values with each and every employee. 

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