Employee engagement: Rule #5 - Praise them

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Employee engagement: a definition

According to the CIPD, employee engagement is:

"a ‘mutual gains’ employment relationship, creating a win-win for employees and their employers. It’s usually seen as an internal state of being, physical, mental and emotional, but many also view it as encompassing behaviour and in particular work effort."

Praise them

One of the key ways of engaging employees is praising them. Praise from employers can be a constructive tool for motivating employees. Being appreciated encourages employees to be fully engaged and productive. Knowing that their efforts are appreciated often makes employees go the extra mile and can help to move the company forward. In Towers Watson’s Global Recognition Study (2008) revealed that manager recognition increased employer performance by almost 60%.

 Tips on how to praise your employees:

  • Give them active encouragement throughout a task
  • Acknowledge their previous successes (either within their current role or from prior experiences)
  • Most employees simply want to be thanked - thank them publicly, and privately
  • When assigning them a task/responsibility, voice your confidence in their ability to do the job well
  • When overseeing a team of people, be sure to emphasize the value of each and every member to create a constructive dynamic.

A study carried out by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) revealed that the third most common reason British workers stay in their current jobs is because they have a good relationship with their employer.

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