Where Politicians Fluster, Employers Must Lead

Posted by Peter Colley on 08-Jul-2016 11:44:36

In the wake of Brexit, there has been a lot of uncertainty circulating in the media, especially in regard to politics. The political tree has been shaken with the resignation of Nigel Farage from the UKIP Party. This is only the latest in a long line of developments. Cameron is due to step down in three months time, Corbyn is maintaining his stance. Essentially, a lot of focus has been on politicians scrambling to re-assess their positions as the dust settles.


In an unclear future, the public should be looking for leaders to guide them. But should we be looking at politics for these leaders?

Employment – or rather the state of employment – had been increasingly uncertain in the months leading up to the vote, with employers being quite vocal in their views. From editorials to signed letters, company directors have stated at length why they feel leaving the EU would be positive or negative.

But how did the employees factor into this?

Employers may be communicating their thoughts to the public, but what is there to say that employees have been consulted on their views?

Take your typical employee. They may have voted on whatever opinion they felt strongly about. But what if this employee hasn’t been consulted on the potential fallouts from leaving? The employee’s job could be at risk, and they may not even know it. Or the employee may have read the various news channels, and worry unnecessarily about possibly getting the sack when their job’s actually safe. Workers from abroad may be wondering whether they are going to be in the UK in two years time.

The various news channels don’t help matters. Most channels are slanted towards certain perspectives, often distorting the big picture in the process. So if an employee reads a story about post-Brexit employment in the Times, only to see it contradicted in The Daily Mail and again in The Sun, they’re going to be at a loss as to who to trust.

This is where the employer can step in.

The employer is going to be more well-placed to be aware of the changes to the employment landscape. And they could act as a newsfeed; ensuring that all relevant information reaches the eyes and ears of employees. But most importantly, ensuring that the newsfeed is unfiltered, clear, and concise. No slanted information, no worries about conflicting viewpoints, just the big picture keeping employees up to speed, acting as an unbiased news channel that employees can trust.

Communications have improved dramatically thanks to technological advances. Now we can learn about leading stories within minutes of announcement. This also means that employers can provide trustworthy, timely, up-to-date information to employees.

Whether they are running SMEs or global companies, employers are still leaders and the need for leaders has never been greater. Brexit may have been an opportunity to vote for a once-in-a-lifetime decision, but post-Brexit has presented an equally significant opportunity; an opportunity to learn from previous mistakes in communication and guide people forward in these stressful times. And employers have a real opportunity to be the ones leading the change and be rewarded with mutual engagement.

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