Retail: Sectors Utilising and Initiating Technology

Posted by Peter Colley on 17-Aug-2016 13:24:35

Over the years, technology in the workplace has become increasingly present; be it a self-serving checkout or some advanced computer software, keeping companies in the now. But in recent years, a new tool has emerged from the technological toolbox. The key to adaptability now comes in the form of an Employee App, connecting employers and employees alike, with the capacity to take the various work sectors forward. How, you ask? We answer, starting with retail.


The state of retail so far...

The UK retail industry is made up of 290,315 retail outlets, collectively employing 2.8 million people, ranging from small local shops to national supermarkets. And slowly, but surely, technology has become a dominant aspect.
Self-serving check-outs may have come across to some as an abstract concept when they were invented, but now they are considered part of the everyday norm. Another constructive addition is in-store ordering. Rather than traipsing through a jungle of clothes trying to find a shirt your size, people can check for stock at the nearest terminal. Another intriguing gizmo is Tesco’s Scan as You Shop. Although limited to some of the larger stores, it’s slowly growing in popularity.

Despite these advancements, there are some elements of the retail sector that still lag behind, especially for the sector’s employees. Working a till is one of the most recurring elements of retail… and yet it can also be problematic to get your head around, particularly for the younger, relatively inexperienced members of staff. Then there’s the issue of shifts. Imagine arriving at work only to find that your shift is on another day and you’ve just given up your free time to travel to work.

One of the biggest issues facing retailers is the development of technology itself. Electronics are moving at such a breakneck speed that it’s difficult keeping up to date. This can be especially difficult for local, independent retailers trying to adapt to a sector increasingly dependent on the latest accessories.

Enter the employee app
s these issues that give the Employee App its time to shine. Staff can create small step-by-step training videos that apply to subjects such as working the till. All content is immediately accessible on the app and employees can view the videos as often as they need to.

The Employee App can also be populated with rotas, forms and documents, allowing employees to see when they’re needed and helping them manage their hours accordingly alongside their peers.  Employee Apps are also invaluable resource tools, allowing staff to upload articles, give feedback and share instant news.

These are but a few examples of the potential that can be unlocked by utilising an Employee App. The Digital Age is in full swing, rife with innovation, progression and changing conventions, and the Employee App is an ideal means of bringing these developments into the workplace to contribute towards a dynamic environment for employers and employees alike.


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