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Manufacturing a Winning Team Via an Employee App

Posted by Damon Ankers on 02-Aug-2017 16:17:44


 The manufacturing industry contributes £6.7 trillion to the UK economy, a hefty sum made possible by the 2.7 million people it employs.

The Industry still has room for growth, but where to start? How about your most important asset, your employees...

By improving communication, employee engagement and training manufacturing companies can benefit from a happier, more productive workforce that will reflect on the bottom line. Well, there's an app for that.  

Now, employment engagement is pivotal to the success of any business, any sector. However, despite, or perhaps because manufacturing is one of the most dominant and productive ones in our society, engagement perhaps has never been more important.

…and yet, there are cracks. Cracks in the industry’s handling of employee engagement. A report published by Kronos revealed that across the entire manufacturing sector, only 35% of the recipients felt that they had strong employee engagement, with productivity only slightly higher at 40%.

However, there is a solution. A solution in the form of employee apps. A solution that can directly tackle many of these issues previously addressed and absolve them.

· A Widespread Workforce Connected – You may occasionally need to send out important notifications to the entire team, but ideally, you’d rather not leave your company to the mercy of a long-winded intranet log-in. With a downloadable app, all staff will receive the message instantly, regardless of location. Connecting the entire workforce via employee app also gives everyone a chance to get to know each other much better, thereby allowing for stronger relationships within the workplace.

· Allow for Online Feedback – Employers always like to know what can be done to ensure employees are at their most productive. But unless you want someone whipping round with a paper questionnaire all but disrupting the daily workflow. With an employee app, you can put all the relevant content online, reaching everyone on the payroll, and this will drastically shorten the time it takes to get the feedback and act on it.

· Emphasise the Company Mission via the App – Engaged employees often feel energized by their company mission. You can use the app to reinforce your business’ mission statement with a wide range of content that promotes the company and endorses the overall mission, making employees see the value in their place at work rather than just turning up for a typical 9 to 5 day. They say the greatest leaders lead by example. And an employee app would be a successful and diverse way to set that example.

· Seamless Integration - 76% of respondents to the Kronos study have stated that loss of productivity can often be caused by systems which don’t integrate. And yet, the most understated value of an employee app is how seamlessly it can integrate with existing structures.

 Introducing an employee app into the workplace has the capacity to revitalize a workforce, and breathing new life into day-to-day productivity. Employee apps don’t so much offer a single solution to workplace woes as they do an entire package of solutions. And for a sector as vital as manufacturing, that can only be a good thing

As the war for talent hots up, UK businesses are working ever-harder to find, attract and retain the best talent. Workvine are here to lead cultural change in how you engage with your workforce. Through smarter communication and collaboration, we nurture a closer association of your employee belonging, safety and security, as part of the wider workforce community, regardless of them being part-time, remote or non-desk based.

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