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How to engage employees with technology

Posted by Peter Coley on 03-May-2017 16:14:31

engage employees using technology

Did you know disengaged employees are costing the UK economy £26 billion per year?

What if we could engage our employees by utilising technology?

Technology is integrating itself into every aspect of everyday life, advancing it in some way. Self-serving checkouts dominate supermarket chains, and people treat their smartphones like a lifeline. But in this incredible, innovating age dictated by smartphones and the latest gadgets, many businesses are not utilising technology to its fullest.  

Also, one of the challenges employers face, is keeping their staff engaged at work. As revealed by Dr. Amy Armstrong in HR Review, Employee disengagement is costing the UK economy £26 billion a year. This is where employers could kill two birds with one stone, and make use of the untapped potential that technology has to offer. 

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how to engage employees with technology


Here's three ways you can start engaging your employees with technology - 

  1.  Use Technology To Encourage Collaboration Between Colleagues – In a company where progress is dependent on everyone receiving clarity from each other, communication is king. As such, employers should encourage their workforce to engage with a number of online communicative platforms that will make relevant contact instantaneous, while the use of a shared online system will also have the benefit of making employees feel more like they are part of a whole. 
  2. Integrate Social Media into Your Working Practices – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stand as titans of the Internet age. By taking full advantage of these platforms, you can put them to good use, encouraging employees to routinely post updates, creating social recognition programs, maintaining links throughout the company, not only keeping your employees engaged, but also cultivating your company culture to the general public, resulting in positive examples of employer branding
  3. Use Employee Apps to Communicate with Your Workforce – Employee apps represent the future of workforce communications. It can be difficult to ensure a workforce operating on a national scale can all receive updates. An Employee App can provide you with a consistent line of communication with your employees, regardless of where they’re based in the UK. From storing documents to training videos, there are endless ways in which Employee Apps can improve the workplace for the better. Download our guide...

These are but some of the many, many ways technology can be equipped to ensure a productive workforce. 82% of workers see technology as “necessary and inevitable”, and over the years technology has slowly stopped becoming something businesses could use and more and more something they should use. Given that research has shown that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%, the rewards for your company and your employees will be gargantuan.

The use of technology will energise your workforce and subsequently, your business.  

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