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Could an employee app be the answer to disjointed employee communication?

Posted by Damon Ankers on 30-Sep-2019 13:05:00

benefits of an employee app

In the Social Chorus report, zero percent of the respondents used mobile apps.
But should they? In this article you'll find out what an employee app is and the benefits of using an app to connect your workforce. 

What is an employee app?

Employee apps are designed for use on smartphones and tablets.

They’re specifically created and branded for an organisation, to address its internal
communications needs.

It could be mobile-only or linked, as a portal, to the organisation’s intranet.

Employees who download the app to their phone, and keep the notifications switched
on, will be able to access all the latest company information, updates and news.

How might an employee app be used? 

An app can fulfil many functions.

For example, an employee could use it to:

  • View their contract and other employee documents
  •  Find names and contact details of employees in other departments
  • Communicate with other employees via instant message
  • Report problems and make suggestions
  •  Read the latest company news and developments
  • Learn about promotion and training opportunities
  •  Take vocational tests and training using their phones
  • Claim employee benefits and special offers.
  • Apps can also be used to help bring new employees on board and help them feel
    involved from the very beginning.

What are the benefits of an employee app? 


1) It satisfies many requirements of an employee communication platform.

From what we’ve learned so far, we know that apps should be:
  •  Accessible and inclusive — to reach as many people as possible
  • Useful, relevant and practical — with a clear value proposition and the capacity to
    solve employees’ problems
  •  Easy to use — using technology that’s intuitive and familiar.


2) It attracts talent to the organisation

An app is a sign of a progressive employer who cares about their employees’ experience.
This is enticing to talented candidates who are looking for work.


3) It appeals to the right demographic

According to Statista, in 2018, smartphones were owned by:

  •  95% of 16 to 34 year olds
  • 91% of 35 to 54 year olds.

This represents a majority of the working population and these percentages have been
following an upward trend since 2012.

Workers in these age groups have been immersed in and influenced by the age of social
media. Consequently, they have developed a greater need for interaction and validation.
They are also accustomed to the speed and instant gratification it brings.

Apps have become a familiar, intuitive and well-liked platform among this demographic.


4) It’s a quick and effective way to communicate

Internal communications managers can reach the whole organisation, or select groups, at the touch of a button. Most apps feature some kind of instant messaging, which makes it easy for employees to keep in touch with each other. And, because it’s on their phone, it’s convenient to use. By ensuring notifications are switched on, messages are delivered reliably and users are always notified.


5) It promotes a sense of purpose and belonging

An app is inclusive of all employees, including those working remotely, so people can enjoy flexible working options and still feel connected.

The right content can help employees to see the bigger picture, how they fit into it and what their work is helping to achieve.

Employee communications, delivered via the app, can continually reaffirm the organisation’s vision, beliefs and values. This helps to create the strong culture employees want to be a part of.


6) It uses content people want to consume

Apps support different media, including text, video and images to give a more varied and immersive experience. Employees can create and upload their own media, which inspires them to be more involved.

Employee-created content is appealing and gives a greater sense of authenticity to the channel. It also helps to promote individuals and teams, giving them the recognition they want and deserve.


7) It supports monitoring and feedback

Employers can monitor how their app is being used and how employees are engaging with it.

This allows them to experiment with new features and to tailor the content they publish for the best results and the maximal amount of engagement.

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Discover the Power of an Employee App 

 Employee apps are helping businesses to:

  • Communicate with all of their workforce no matter where they are.
  • Share business stories, the company visions, missions and values.
  • Digitise their company newsletter, publish in real time as news happens.
  •  Replace the old intranet that many employees don't have access to.
  •  Retain employees longer as they feel part of the bigger picture. 

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