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Demi Hobbs

Recent Posts

The February App Update Brings Spaces (Beta), Improvements for Forms, and SSO Login Now Combined with Other Login Options

Posted by Demi Hobbs on 21-Feb-2018 10:16:31

We start this app year with a huge update that brings many helpful improvements: with Spaces you can delegate content management for your sites or departments, new features in Forms allow you to move more processes into the app, and you can now combine SSO login with other login methods. Additionally, two popular features—chat and video uploading—both received numerous refinements.

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Employee App: May Release Notes

Posted by Demi Hobbs on 11-May-2017 16:32:20

After releasing two major features and a far-reaching design-overhaul in March, this new product iteration focuses on improvements and maintenance of existing functionality. At the core of this update are file uploads for the messenger and a fundamentally reworked in-app editor, as well as the official documentation of the Media API to be used for integration purposes. All of these are directly available in your employee app, free of any additional charge!

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'Appy Easter'

Posted by Demi Hobbs on 16-Apr-2017 09:00:00

Easter is now upon us, Christmas and Q1 are a mere memory, where is the year going?

If you're lucky enough to have an extended weekend to recharge your batteries,  why not take a look at these top tips to engage your employees
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