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What Exactly is Employee Engagement?

Posted by Reagan Nyandoro on 28-Jan-2016 15:27:59


Everyone seems to be talking about ‘employee engagement’ these days. The effects, especially, of employee engagement are fast gaining fame in boardrooms and corporate circles. Many cite 'boosts in productivity approaching 202%’ and increased retention, and there’s even talk of vastly improved customer service levels. Agreed, that’s the impact, but, what is employee engagement? So, what is employee engagement?

Some equate employee engagement to ‘happiness among the ranks’ while others cite satisfaction, and others still, contentment.  Engagement talk may be rife, but few actually ever check to see if they are talking about the same thing. Fewer still agree on how to bring about or improve employee engagement.

The Business Dictionary definition echoes mainstream sentiment by making reference to an ‘emotional connection’:

“... an employee feels toward his or her employment organisation, which tends to influence his or her behaviours and level of effort in work related activities.”

The CIPD’s ‘mutual gains’ perspective is also worth appreciating:

Employee engagement "proposes a ‘mutual gains’ employment relationship, creating a win-win for employees and their employers. It’s usually seen as an internal state of being, both physical, mental and emotional, but many also view it as encompassing behaviour and in particular work effort."

Kevin Kruse’s definition on Forbes is one to throw in the mix as well.  So, that’s what employee engagement is, but how do we get to the productivity, retention and customer service stuff? 

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