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Posted by Karen Abbott on 13-Jan-2016 12:33:26


25 years working with employers, we kept hearing the same thing time and time again. Employers want to retain staff, they want the best people and they want their employees to love coming to work.  Likewise, employees want to be listened to, communicated with and trained to do their jobs well. Employee engagement is a phrase we hear all too often these days, and we all know we should be doing it. But are we, really?

Recent reports say nearly 8 million employees will be looking for a new job in 2016.  Lack of communication came out to be the main reason that employees feel disengaged, undervalued and demotivated at work. Employee engagement is a minefield, but Workvine make it easy to communicate with your whole workforce, wherever they are in the world.

With the employee app you can share a message from the CEO, train your people, get feedback, and so much more.  Better still, our team will help you to create dynamic content using video and a range of innovative tools to get your message across.

Your employees are the makers of your product, the face of your company, the voice to your customers and the deliverers of your service. They need to know where the company is going and what part they play in it all.

Make your employees advocates of your business.  Make sure they love coming to work, and let them tell the world what a great company they work for.

Workvine can help you communicate more effectively with your workers, wherever they are.

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