Peaks and Plains – Ploughing Ahead with Cutting-Edge Communication

Posted by Karen Abbott on 07-Nov-2017 09:49:00

Peaks and Plains are an innovative housing association based in Macclesfield. Prior to purchasing the Staffbase Employee App from Workvine, they communicated with their staff mainly through email and the company’s private Intranet. They employ over 200 staff in a wide range of roles including such as repair teams, care and support staff.

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October App Update: New Notifications, Print on Demand, iOS 11 Support and much more

Posted by Karen Abbott on 03-Oct-2017 14:16:33

October brings a totally loaded, jam-packed update for your employee app. Here's just a glimpse at some of the engaging new features: notification badges for unread news posts and chat messages; printing on demand of selected news posts; onboarding for users without email; our very first chat bot; and the SAML connector plugin. These new elements, along with many additional improvements for existing functionality, make this a real heavyweight update, and it comes just in time for iOS 11.

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Employee App: May Release Notes

Posted by Demi Hobbs on 11-May-2017 16:32:20

After releasing two major features and a far-reaching design-overhaul in March, this new product iteration focuses on improvements and maintenance of existing functionality. At the core of this update are file uploads for the messenger and a fundamentally reworked in-app editor, as well as the official documentation of the Media API to be used for integration purposes. All of these are directly available in your employee app, free of any additional charge!

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Engaging Middle Managers to Drive Business Growth

Posted by Peter Colley on 09-May-2017 16:45:20

Are your middle managers engaged? Chances are if they're not, neither are the rest of your workforce... 

Middle management can play a pivotal role in the communication process, they are responsible for passing messages from the boss to employees and vice versa. However, there is often an extensive chain of people a message goes through before reaching the intended ears. There's an element of risk that the message may become diluted or its purpose misinterpreted along the way.

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How to engage employees with technology

Posted by Peter Coley on 03-May-2017 16:14:31

Did you know disengaged employees are costing the UK economy £26 billion per year?

What if we could engage our employees by utilising technology?

Technology is integrating itself into every aspect of everyday life, advancing it in some way. Self-serving checkouts dominate supermarket chains, and people treat their smartphones like a lifeline. But in this incredible, innovating age dictated by smartphones and the latest gadgets, many businesses are not utilising technology to its fullest.  

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