How Long Can Migrant Workers Call UK Home?

Posted by Peter Colley on 18-Jul-2016 16:28:06

“We cannot allow free movement to carry on as it is” - Theresa May, UK Prime Minister

While the UK referendum has come and gone, it could be years before EU relations are fully dismantled and we can literally consider ourselves ‘out of the EU’. Of course, the referendum is not the only potential exiting that people should be concerned with. Another heavily debated issue – further amplified by the vote – is immigration. Not only in regards to the UK’s future stance on immigration, but the status of migrant workers currently living in the UK.

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Brexit: Miscommunication – Nail in the Coffin

Posted by Peter Colley on 14-Jul-2016 12:12:40

British politics has witnessed another dramatic change with Theresa May officially taking the role of Prime Minister. David Cameron has handed over the keys to 10 Downing Street to May, while Angela Eagle’s bid for Leadership of the Labour Party will lead to some intriguing developments.

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Where Politicians Fluster, Employers Must Lead

Posted by Peter Colley on 08-Jul-2016 11:44:36

In the wake of Brexit, there has been a lot of uncertainty circulating in the media, especially in regard to politics. The political tree has been shaken with the resignation of Nigel Farage from the UKIP Party. This is only the latest in a long line of developments. Cameron is due to step down in three months time, Corbyn is maintaining his stance. Essentially, a lot of focus has been on politicians scrambling to re-assess their positions as the dust settles.

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What Brexit Taught Businesses About Listening

Posted by Peter Colley on 30-Jun-2016 12:19:30

After a tremendous build-up, the EU Referendum has come and gone and we are officially out of the European Union. Granted, the dismantling is not an immediate one, we still have several practices to put into place before we can officially begin our tenure as an independent nation.

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