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New in December: Employee Messaging and SharePoint Integration

Posted by Karen Abbott on 12-Dec-2016 12:22:02

 As we're heading into the last phase of this year, your employee app has received yet another update. Amongst the changes are three big topics that have been highly requested: Search, Private Messaging and integrating SharePoint. Read more to get all the details.

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Search has historically been one of the key features of every intranet. Adding it to Staffbase furthers the  possibility of your employee app being the main source of content within your organization. Easily search for news, pages, menu entries and colleagues from anywhere in the app, even within the public content! The search bar will be waiting for you on top of the mobile sidebar and within the header of the web app.


Private Messaging is the new plugin that adds a chat functionality to your internal communications app. Employees will be able to start conversations with each other and receive push notifications for incoming messages. An inbox shows which conversations contain new messages much like you are used to from your personal messaging apps. The new plugin is included for customers on the Unlimited plan and available as an upgrade for Essential and Enterprise.



Integrating your existing SharePoint is one of the top IT requirements we are asked about, as it reduces the effort of creating content on multiple platforms. Today we're proud to announce the official SharePoint Add-In for Staffbase! Easily get it on the store for SharePoint 2013 and up. The configuration is simple and straightforward, which means you can setup a connection from a SharePoint list to a Staffbase news channel in as little as 5 minutes!


Additional improvements:

  • App: Added an option to show the open group chooser during user signup.
  • App: Improved detection of multi-language content added from connected systems or via the API.
  • App: Improved brute force detection during excessive login and signup attempts.
  • App: Deactivated confusing auto-capitalization and auto-correction of company short names during user signup.
  • App: Fixed an issue with broken table formatting on IE11.
  • Christmas Calendar: Got rid of some dust and prepared the plugin for this year’s holiday season. This included a preview mode during November and an option for anonymous ranking.
  • Maps: Added a list of locations and allowed admins to set a default zoom for each map. When creating a new marker from a search, the text of the result is automatically prefilled.
  • Forms: Fixed anonymous forms still leaking user information in notification emails and via direct API access.
  • Forms: Fixed two issues with image upload in forms.
  • Calendar: Event dates in the list view were off by one day for certain time zones.
  • Adminpanel: Admins can set open groups mandatory for selected users. Users will still see those in their group list, but cannot unsubscribe them.
  • Adminpanel: Fixed a security loophole that allowed cross-site scripting when editing contents directly through the API.
  • Adminpanel: Improved mapping of columns during CSV import by using categories in the dropdown of available fields.
  • Adminpanel: Group admins can now properly access their section of the adminpanel again.
  • Adminpanel: Fixed a bug that left out a small number of users during CSV export.


All of this is now available on your internal communications app for the web and in the Google Play Store and iOS app now!


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